H.A Garden House



Khanh Hoa, VN

600 sq.m


Completed in 2024

A harmonious blend of Nature and Architecture

H.A Garden House by Pham Huu Son Architects is located on the outskirts of a Vietnamese city, providing a retreat for weekend escapes or vacations from urban life. Set on a 600 sqm plot, the architectural design harmonizes with its lush green environment, offering modern amenities while integrating with the nearby landscape.


The home is intended primarily as a vacation residence and includes a living room, kitchen, outdoor dining area, and two bedrooms—one master suite and one guest room. These areas, although distinct, are linked to create a sense of continuity and closeness. One challenge was its proximity to a busy local road, causing noise and pollution. To address this, the house was positioned toward the back of the plot, facing a calm alleyway that allows ample morning sunlight. A parking space at the front creates further separation from the noisy street.

Entry to the house is through a green corridor and a natural stone path, enhanced by lush plants and a Koi pond, creating a welcoming and natural space. The architectural design draws from the concept of the Five Elements, using the silhouette of five mountains to evoke stability and harmony. Pham Huu Son Architects achieved this through variations in roof heights and integration of greenery, blending the design into the landscape.

Natural stone features are incorporated throughout, from bathrooms to gardens, using locally sourced materials for flooring to ensure both uniqueness and sustainability. The house’s warm, earthy color palette and minimalist interiors convey a sense of coziness and modernity. H.A Garden House represents a model for tranquil retreats in suburban Vietnam, promoting sustainability through local materials and design that embraces the natural setting.