iSea Boutique Resort


Hospitality Resort & Spa

Van Phong Bay

+ 4.000 sq.m


Completed in 2023

Mediterranean-style beach resort in white lime.

iSea is a resort nestled along the coastline with an expansive stretch of white sandy beach, surrounded by the breathtaking natural scenery of Van Phong Bay in central Vietnam.


The location comprises 8 accommodation units alongside functional areas such as a bar, restaurant, spa, and a children’s play area, where visitors can embrace the tranquility of the sea and revel in the magnificent natural beauty.

In order to create an engaging experience, the 8 bedrooms of iSea are strategically designed to offer splendid views of the beach. The recreational area, including the bar, is arranged around a central pool, forming a unique circular architectural structure.

The use of environmentally friendly unfired brick materials is not only a sensible choice but also establishes a strong connection with the local community. Focusing on the beauty of nature as a highlight, iSea Resort is finished in a rustic style, with a harmonious blend of natural white lime for both exterior and interior, complemented by preserved concrete ceilings. This intentionally unfinished design creates a space that is intimate and welcoming for guests.
The harmony between architecture and nature is vividly portrayed through large glass panels, not only expanding the space but also giving the sense that iSea, the sky, and the sea form a unified entity. Every architectural detail is carefully chosen to ensure that iSea is not just a resort but also a vibrant piece of art, seamlessly blending into the natural beauty of the surroundings.
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