Leiden Homestay




Ho Chi Minh City


450 sq.m


Completed in 2023

Unique and Intimate Lodging Architecture.

Right in the bustling city center of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Leiden Homestay is a unique project where we have transformed two adjacent old houses into a modern architectural space, combining the elements of tradition and modernity in a sophisticated manner.


We have faced many challenges in reorganizing the functional space within an existing structure and constructing adjacent buildings, which has made implementing architectural ideas on the exterior difficult. As a result, many comprehensive architectural plans were not feasible. However, in the end, we are satisfied with what we have accomplished.

A notable feature of Leiden Homestay is the utilization of the vibrant red-colored window frames, creating an attractive facade that catches the eye.


Furthermore, the exquisite combination of brick walls with a renovated old structure creates a harmonious space blending the charm of the past with a modern style.

Inside, the transparent glass walls expand the space, combining translucent and modern colored glass with classic-style floor and decorative tiles, creating a distinctive and yet comfortable and intimate ambiance.



The ground floor of Leiden has been transformed into a small but cozy café, providing a close and homey atmosphere for guests to feel like they are in their own homes. Customers can relax, enjoy a cup of delicious coffee, and experience tranquility amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

Each bedroom floor of Leiden is decorated with simple yet refined furnishings. The bedroom design, combined with large windows, creates focal points and provides natural light and expansive views for the occupants.


Leiden is not just a unique and intimate architectural structure but also an ideal destination for guests to enjoy a wholesome lifestyle and experience the multi-dimensional life in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. With the blend of modernity and old-world charm, Leiden Homestay & Coffee will surely leave a lasting impression on every visitor who comes to visit.

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