Office for Trees




Cam Lam, Khanh Hoa


650 sq.m


Completed in 2024

Green Architecture for a Sustainable Future.

The office project in Cam Lam – Khanh Hoa, located in Central Vietnam, is approximately 10 km north of Cam Ranh International Airport. 


According to the investor’s requirements, the project is planned into two main areas: one is a flexible workspace for employees and reception area, and the other is a Model House space, providing customers with a deeper experience of living space, complete with amenities from bedrooms, kitchens, dining areas to bathrooms, aiming to provide the best experience in space and interior for the company’s customers.

A large mango tree at the central position of the current land plot was preserved instead of being cut down, with the mango tree retained to create a garden within the project, dividing the two main spaces: the office block and the Model House block. Also, at this location, there is an underground water reservoir with a capacity of up to 30 cubic meters, used to collect rainwater from the roof during rainy days. 


Moreover, rainwater is connected to a fish pond in the front yard where waste from fish and microorganisms is filtered, combined with an automatic irrigation pump system to supply water to greenery tanks on the roof and throughout the project’s surrounding garden, creating a cycle of regeneration and water resource conservation.

Greenery is arranged throughout the spaces, with greenery tanks placed on the roof, not only creating a cool atmosphere for the space below but also combined with a system of ventilation slots and large glass doors to eliminate the need for air conditioning, even on hot days. Daylighting is optimized through gaps between the rows of plants on the roof, eliminating the need for daytime lighting. Solar panels are installed above the Model House area, providing clean energy for the entire office, blending into a sustainable and energy-efficient landscape.

The project is constructed from unfired bricks – an environmentally friendly material easily accessible locally, combined with a series of sustainable solutions such as rainwater reuse, natural light utilization, solar energy, and a surrounding greenery system. Office for Trees is a clear testament to the commitment to sustainability in the creative architecture of Pham Huu Son Architects.