Santo by the sea 



Van Phong Bay

850 sq.m


Completed in 2022

Mediterranean architecture for beachfront villa.

The house was developed based on the idea of ​​​​the owner’s desire to have a Mediterranean Revival – Santorini architecture.


However, the difficulty when developing this style is that the doorways are very small and narrow as well as how to bring new modernity to the house. From that concept, Santo by the Sea is designed with large arched doorways to make the most of the beauty of the surrounding nature and bring natural light to the interior spaces.

To express the meaning that the house is brought from nature – created from the sea, all the walls inside and outside are finished with a rough plaster, the ceiling is left with an exposed cement form to focus on the main feature which is the beautiful blue ocean and the sky.


In order to bring the correspondence with the large proportion of the arches, the wall panels of the building are also made with a large thickness, which is also a difficulty when implementing the construction.

The main space in the house is divided between the main space for the owner on the ground floor and the space for guests on the upper floor. Therefore, all stairs are arranged outside the house and also take full advantage of the natural beauty when moving through the aisles along the stairs. The spaces between the 2 floors are connected by a large pool area located in the middle of the house.

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